About Us

MAUC was incorporated in 1967 as a means to diligently organize for economic and political empowerment of the Mexican American population in San Antonio. MAUC’s purpose at that time was ‘to provide gratuitously, counseling and educational programs to Mexican American volunteer groups and leaders, interested in the social, economic and educational problems of Mexican Americans throughout the State of Texas.’ Its founding board of directors included, Dr. Charles Cottrell (St. Mary’s University), Dr. Richard Caldwell (Kelly AFB), Judge Albert A. Peña, Jr. (Bexar County Commissioner), and community activists Mario Compeán, William C. Velásquez, and Juán J. Patlán.

MAUC, the first local affiliate of UnidosUS (formerlyNCLR), soon established itself as a leader in advocating community problems. Like a finely woven tapestry or a detailed piece of art with rich and vibrant colors and textures, MAUC has experienced the gamut in issues affecting our constituencies.

At the crux of MAUC’s inception was the right to speak Spanish on school grounds at a local school district. Another was the inclusion of courses portraying the positive contributions made to society by Mexican Americans – something that was not taught in schools at the time. Voter education and registration was another effort – especially dear to the heart of then MAUC Executive Director Willie Velásquez. His work at MAUC laid the groundwork for his later endeavor, the Southwest Voter Education and Registration Project (SVREP).

MAUC continues to seek ways to build the organization’s effecti